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[Past Service] 2/28/16 ~ Tribute to Rev. C. Herbert Oliver


2 28 16Oliver

UPHI Pays Tribute to C. Herbert Oliver on Sunday, February 28th: From Chains to Change!

In celebration of Black History Month, we will honor Rev. C. Herbert Oliver for his lifetime commitment to diminish social and racial inequality. By celebrating Black History Month and Rev. Oliver, we also honor the journey of black people in America from slavery toward equality. Regardless of our racial background, we must spread the message that as human beings we can transform what has held us down and imprisoned us into what liberates and sets us free.

Rev. Oliver was at the forefront of the Civil Rights Movement in Birmingham, Alabama with Rev. Fred Shuttlesworth, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and many other freedom fighters in the 1960's. He has been an activist in the Civil Rights Movement since 1948 and an advocate for educational reform on behalf of minority students in New York City public schools.

Rev. Oliver grew up in the United Church of Christ and earned a B.A. from Wheaton College. He studied at the Christian Missionary Alliance Church’s Missionary Training Institute in Nyack, NY, and received a Bachelor and a Masters Degree in Theology at Westminster Theological Seminary in Philadelphia, PA. He served at Orthodox Presbyterian Church in northern Maine and the Presbytery of New York City.

Rev. Oliver remains active in the New York City Presbytery as a member of the Committee on Ministry, and in the Veterans Administration as a hospital chaplain.

On Sunday, February 28th at 12:00noon EST, Rev. Oliver’s 91st birthday, UPHI will present him with the “Keeper of The Flame Award” for his lifetime work of alleviating the hurts caused by racial injustice. Our men and kids will also play the drums to an ancestral chant and Rev. Oliver will give a short talk followed by a Q&A. 

[Past Service] 2/21/16 ~ UPHI Musical Experience


2 21 16MusicAThis Sunday, February 21st at the United Palace House of Inspiration in NYC or streaming live online at 12:00noon EST, Tim McAfee-Lewis will lead the UPHI Love Ensemble, Choir and House Band in a musical service of songs of praise and divine connection. Come and have your spirit lifted through songs of worship!

[Past Service] 3/6/16 ~ Consciousness of Oneness


"The consciousness of oneness is all inclusive.”

Join us at UPHI at 4140 Broadway in NYC or streaming online this Sunday, March 6 at 12:00noon EST, as we discuss the spiritual truth of the consciousness of oneness. This will be an interactive service where all participants, in person and those joining us for live streaming, can share their comments and ask questions.

Xavier Eikerenkoetter