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Daily Thoughts and Inspiration from my Journey through the Mediterranean

11/21/15 ~ Rocky Sea Day

Blessings, UPHI, this is your Spiritual Traveler on a Rocky Sea Day


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11/17/15 ~ Visiting the Cathedrals in Barcelona

Spain is beautiful! Although I am no longer in Barcelona, here are some photos of Barcelona's majestic and stunning cathedrals. 

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11/14/15 ~ Flamenco in Barcelona

In a cellar off of the famous Rambla in Barcelona, I was blessed to experience authentic Flamenco tonight: a rich, earthy, rhythmic, hot Spanish dance and music tradition. The practitioners speak of the duende, a face of one’s soul that pulls one down into the earth and at the same time raises one’s spirit to a place beyond passion where pain and ecstasy are experienced and pulled through the body.

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11/16/15 ~ Full Day at Sea

It has been difficult since yesterday. After three powerful and fun days in Barcelona, then embarking upon the ship that is taking me through the Mediterranean this week, I encountered a situation that was completely counter to my expectations. I will not detail the snafu, only some of my process around it. Today I walked through the difficulty, meditated and processed constricting emotions like frustration, anger, and even rage.

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11/13/15 ~ I Met the Black Madonna of Montserrat Today

I find this black Madonna or “La Moreneta,” as she is affectionately called here in Spain, a fascinating and enchanting icon. My guide told me today that this particular statue was originally white but because of some chemical elements in the composition of the face and hands, it turned dark gradually over many years. This statue is from the 1200’s. When they restored it they repainted it brown, and then black.

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11/15/15 ~ Prayer of the Black Madonna

In the video below, I share my thoughts on the Prayer of the Black Madonna.

Peace and blessings to the entire United Palace and all my friends and family while I am away on my spiritual voyage!

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Assignment 2014: Ancient Greece

2014 Assignment: Mysteries of Ancient Greece (Live Streaming Archive)

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