United Palace House of Inspiration
All-inclusive, Non-denominational Spiritual Community

Sunday Service


We are glad your spirit has directed your path to the United Palace House of Inspiration (UPHI). UPHI welcomes you with outstretched arms to join our family of love and light! If you remain open in mind and in heart, you will discover something quite powerful and life-changing during our services. You will also notice that you have begun to express more of the qualities of a loving, talented and perfect child of God, and more of the things that you delight in having are being demonstrated in your life effortlessly.

12:00 noon
In this service, children and youth are taught spiritual principles and practical applications of the Science of Living in creative ways including art, drama, singing, role-playing, and crafts. Rev. Gerald Beckles and Minister Diamond Butler provide leadership for this service. This service is held in the Educational Annex. OPEN TO ALL YOUTH.

UPHI Sunday Service Experience is a place where everyone, regardless of race, or spiritual orientation, can come together in unity and share in our oneness with God, Spirit, Love. We believe above and beyond all scriptures, doctrines and holy teachings in the world, that God is all that is, active in the universe and in our lives. This service is OPEN TO ALL and also available on live stream. Speakers include Spiritual Director Xavier Eikerenkoetter, UPHI ministers, and inspiring special guests. We recently had New York Times best-selling author Marianne Williamson speak during The Gathering UPHI, an annual celebration of UPHI's anniversary and to honor our founder, Rev. Ike.



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